Esther Shimazu Workshop Tool List


  • Cone 10 easy-to-use throwing body.  Small amount of Cone 10 porcelain or white stoneware for eyes and teeth


  • Needle tool
  • Fettling knife
  • Other cutting tools for more precise work (small blades, scalpels, frisket knives….)
  • Scoring tool to roughen surfaces to be joined (commercial, homemade, section of old hair comb….)
  • One large sumi/pointy brush
  • Drycleaner plastic or lightweight clear plastic bags or sheets
  • Rolling pin or section of large dowel (1″ or more) and rolling cloth
  • Sponge to clean hands and work area
  • Apron or towel to dry hands
  • Spray bottle

Studio List

  • Water buckets and containers, sponges
  • Work boards or bats, rolling pins, cloth if available
  • Extra plastic, spray bottles

Optional but Recommended

  • Modeling tools of all kinds
  • Bamboo or wooden paddle
  • Flat and/or filbert synthetic sable watercolor brushes for fine smoothing of wet clay
  • Small detailed brush
  • Turntable or lazy susan
  • Pointy bamboo BBQ skewers to refine crevices
  • Various sizes of wooden dowels or popsicle sticks with their ends whittled and sanded into different shapes (tapers, knife edges, chisel ends, flat ends, incline ends)
  • Coarse sandpaper and a pocket knife to modify wooden dowels, skewers or sticks if desired
  • Foam sheets or something soft on which to place soft, hollow body parts
  • Smooth wooden or  hollow bisque ware eggs and balls, range of sizes, to compress and form from the inside or outside
  • Rubber and metal scrapers, pieces of heavy duty plastic and metal window screening or greenhouse shade cloth to smooth surfaces if desired
  • Box and cushioning material to transport your piece home, if needed