John Toki has maintained a sculpture studio in Richmond, California, since 1974. He has completed public commissions in Berkeley, Oakland, and Sacramento, and has exhibited his work at the Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, Carnegie Museum, Oxnard, and the Oakland Museum. His work is represented by the Udinotti Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, and Sculpturesite Gallery, San Francisco.

A former faculty member at the California College of the Arts, Toki has lectured in Taiwan, Turkey, and Holland, where he was a member of the staff at the European Ceramic Works Center. He has co-authored three book on ceramics: Fired by Ideals: Arequipa Pottery and the Arts and Crafts Movement; Hands In Clay, 5th edition; and Make It In Clay, 2nd edition.

In addition to his art practice, Toki is the owner of Leslie Ceramic Supply Company. He contributes to the community arts as a trustee for the Richmond Art Center, Richmond, California, and is the Associate Director, to Bryan Vansell at the Mission Clay Products Industry and Arts Program, Corona, California.