June Exhibition at the John Natsoulas Gallery









David Post


Post, a Sacramento artist, began his work in the abstract tradition, but later turned to “representational paintings that addressed new subject matter. His work is characterized by ‘painterly brushwork’ and ‘complex color relationships’ and ‘is marked by passages of suave delicacy.'” The show will offer a representation of his work and will span landscape, still-life, figure, and abstract compositions.”                ~Excerpted from www.davidpost-art.com


Philip Buller


Buller is known for representational paintings that transcend literal narratives through their ambiguity of historic time, suggestion of universal themes and overriding intensity of feeling. His process is a method of applying paint, removing paint, creating and obscuring forms. He believes that a form must be fully realized before it can be obscured. The ambiguity of a blurred image often encourages him to reach below a literal interpretation of form. This show will exhibit all new work not exhibited before.



Robert Minuzzo

River Rock Series Paintings

Minuzzo, known for his mixed media Napa Valley vineyard paintings, will show work from his new series, interpretations of river rocks collected from coastal streams in the rain forests of Bricish Columbia. Minuzzo has employed a pointillist technique to mimic and enlarge the surfaces of these ancient multi-colored and nature-designed stones on canvas.