The John Natsoulas Gallery, one of the 250 out of 4,000 galleries chosen to be in
the Radiante Guide.

The Radiante Guide is a competitive program that selects only the most foremost
250 galleries in California to be included in its publication. This includes an
online print media with a description of the galleries selected as well as their
special interests and areas of expertise. The only Gallery chosen from Benicia to
Sacramento was the John Natsoulas Center for the Arts. This is a great honor for
the Gallery. Its history has brought some of the greatest international
shows such as Kristos Gates as well as the Five Major Educational Conferences and
Festivals, held annually. (2nd Annual Jazz Festival , 6th Annual BEAT Conference,
6th Annual Landscape Conference and19th Annual CCACA Conference),

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Discover the Fine Art Galleries of California Thu Jan 17, 2008 8:25am EST

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 17 /PRNewswire/ — The Radiante Guide has announced their new
Website and print versions of their guide to the premier art galleries of California.

There are over 4,000 art galleries and private art dealers in California. The Radiante
Guide provides residents and visitors to California with information (including
pictures of art) on the foremost 250.

The Radiante Guide is published online — — and also in print
versions (Northern and Southern California editions). Organized by cities and counties
within California, the guide is useful for California residents as well as visitors
to California from all regions of the United States and internationally. The guide
is read by those just becoming interested in art as well as knowledgeable collectors,
art dealers and artists.

The Radiante Guide provides art gallery/art dealer descriptive information, including:
gallery/dealer history, special interests and areas of expertise, artists represented,
contact information, addresses, telephone numbers, and more. The online version
additionally includes images of gallery artwork, hyperlinked e-mail addresses, hyperlinked
Website addresses and interactive maps and directions.

The Radiante Guide spans a wide range of art galleries and art dealers who are remarkable
in their interests, expertise and art inventory. You will discover emerging artists
just starting their careers as well as mid-career and established artists. You will
find Egyptian art from 716 BC, early Asian art, Albrecht Durer engravings, Rembrandt
etchings, 18th century Russian

religious icons, Pierre Auguste Renoir prints, Nadar photographs, Eadweard Muybridge
and Ansel Adams photographs, early California paintings, Pablo Picasso prints, Marc
Chagall prints, Robert Motherwell paintings, leading-edge installation art, and
much, much more.

The guide includes galleries and dealers specializing in: African Art, African American
Art, American Art, Art Nouveau, Asian Art, Book and Printing Arts, California Art,
California en plein air artists, Chinese Art, Classicism, Contemporary Art, Crafts,
Decorative Arts, Early Civilization Art, Eastern Art, Egyptian Art, European Art,
Folk and Outsider Art, French Art, Greek and Roman Art, Impressionism, Indian Art,
Japanese Art, Latin American Art, Mayan Art, Middle Eastern Art, Modern Art, Native
American Art, Near

Eastern Art, Oceanic Art, Persian Art, Postmodern Art, Renaissance Art, Pre-Columbian
Art, Religious Art, Romanticism, Russian Art, Surrealism, Tribal Art, Vintage Art,
and more. Examples of media displayed at the galleries includes: drawings, engravings,
woodcuts, wood engravings, linocuts, etchings, mezzotint, aquatint, drypoint, monoprints,
monotypes, lithography, screen-prints, serigraphs, digital and Giclee prints, foil
imaging, collage, oil paintings, reverse glass paintings, pastels, watercolors,
photography, photograms, Le Tirage Au Charbon method photographs, sculpture, masks,
paper cutting and paper sculpture, ceramics, glass, textiles, mixed media, livres
d’artistes books and portfolios, murals, new media art, computer art, multimedia
art, video art, holograms, graffiti and unauthorized signage art, robotic art, interactive
art, installation art, and more. The Web site can be viewed at:

Marie Thompson of Radiante Guide, +1-815-346-2503,