For the last 25 years the John Natsoulas Gallery has rented art to individuals, business and corporations.


Art creates a tone, it defines a space, it enhances any space instantly and establishes an environment. So why not enhance your office, lobby, conference room, elevator, living room, dining room or bedroom today – make it fresh, new, and inviting. Art creates a work environment that keeps the minds of employees’ upbeat – a home space that is unique, relaxing and inviting. Art rental with us includes delivery and installation service. Most offices have very stagnant environments – we create an environment that is upbeat and positive and allow employees to have a fresh feel on a regular basis – your employees will be much more productive while the esthetics will be pleasing and enjoyable for all.


Renting art with us is simple, once you begin your art rental we come for a free consultation to your business or home, and bring art for you to view while assisting you in your decision of art for your space. Also included with your art rental, is the flexibility to change your artwork – we are willing to help you try different art out until you are committed to leasing. Now you can change artwork for a new client, board meeting, holiday, new employee, or simply for a fresh change of visual space for your employees. We can rotate the art every 6 moths to a year depending upon your needs. Our goal is to ensure you are always satisfied with the art you rent from us. There is only a small monthly fee for leasing art.



We will bring the art, to your place of business, or home, and assist you in finding art pieces that fit in your environment, with the idea that the art will be changed on a regular basis.


The Art Rental Group are the most reasonable art rental company in Northern California. We rent art throughout the entire state of California. Art rental is possible with a minimum of four pieces to begin your art rental, as well as a minimum of a six-month rental period.

For more information please contact at

Email: art@natsoulas.com

Telephone: 530-756-3938

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Selected Corporate Rental List:

Best, Best Krieger

Bio Rad

Kilroy Realty Corporation

Murphy Austin

Nossman, Guthner

Knox Elliott


Law Offices of Gregory Thatch

Warehouse Prop.

Planatar Technologies

Embarcadero Capital Partners

Tandem Properties