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Davis, California has become one of the top small town art destinations in the country. On May 19, starting from 7pm, there will be an art benefit for Art in Public

Spaces. The Cultural Arts Committee is throwing a landmark launch party and silent auction in downtown Davis to help the city flourish artistically. The Davis mural team will be producing 10 major murals in downtown Davis over the next four months. Renowned painters working on the murals will include Bill Maul, Guy Diehl, Joe Bellacera, Kelly Detweiler, Don Fritz, Jennifer Pochinski, James Chaffee , Kerry Rowland-Avrech, Ted Fontaine, and Myron Stephens.

These painters will be producing large format murals throughout our downtown that will enhance the established art walk. Davis’s own William Maul, renowned painter and muralist, whose international reputation stems from his art and mural work in the movies Bowfinger and Cotillion 65, has stepped up to lead the mural team. We have NAA award winners, professors, and Davis High School’s own painting instructor Ted Fontaine participating. Davis will boast some of the best and most varied murals in the state of California by the end of the summer 2012.

Davis has benefited from a collaborative process between artists, arts advocates, business owners and other citizens that has significantly enhanced public spaces and the community. Art has ignited a collaborative spirit in our community that has never been seen before, with artists and landlords collaborating to benefit the community. Members of the Cultural Action Committee and the community at large have worked together to help each artist realize his or her vision and dream, and the mural project is a crucial part of this endeavor. We are creating an economic engine for Davis, increasing the city’s value, as well as increasing the beauty and spirit of our town. But mostly we’re interested in engaging the community and in bringing people from all over the world to see our city.

Our cultural partners include Dan Dowling of Dowling Properties, Jim Kidd of Selected Commercial Brokers, John Brinley of Ace Hardware and Ace Housewares, Bizarro World, Armadillo Records, Michael Bisch of Davis Commercial Properties, UC Davis Art/Science Fusion Department, the Davis Commons, the Artery, the Pence Gallery, Ashok Patel of the Aggie Inn, and Dr. Monto Kumagai of XtremeSignPost.

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