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9th Annual Davis Jazz and Beat Festival: The Ultimate Music, Art and Poetry Collaboration Schedule

Friday, October 7th

Saturday, October 8th

Outdoor Stage

1pm – Allan Ernst / Cliff Childers Duo w/ Performing Artist, Tait Takai

2pm – Mike Otwell Quartet w/ Performing Artist, Ted Fontaine

3pm – Barry Eldridge The Bumptet w/ Performing Artist, Laura Hohlwein

4pm – Brubeck Institute Quintet w/ Performing Artist, Jonqui Albin

5pm – Lowburn w/ Performing Artist, Jonqui Albin

Indoor Stage

1pm – Beyond Uranium

2pm – Triism

3pm – Aram Shelton’s Gold Age

4pm – Rent Romus Life’s Blood Ensemble

5pm – Tony Passarell Trio

8pm – Music Headliner: Amendola vs Blades