Philippe Gandiol & Rene Martucci

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Join us this December to celebrate the work of René Martucci, Phillippe Gandiol and Robert Haemmerling! Each artist is outstanding in their field and brings something unique to the table. With a mix of painting and sculpture, this exhibition truly has something for everyone. The collection runs from December 4th through December 28th, 2019.

Philippe Gandiol, an award winning Northern California painter, was born and raised in France and moved to California in his early 20’s. He has painted with oils for over 25 years. He pursued an independent program of study, taking classes in France, San Francisco and Sacramento and with several renowned West Coast painters. Philippe likes to paint a variety of subjects: landscapes, cityscapes, still life and figures “en plein air” or in the studio. He works as much as possible from life, believing that only in life can he find the full range of light and color he wants in his paintings and the spirit of his subject matter. He is actively involved with the California artist community, art events and fundraisers. He also participated in juried art festivals in Sonoma, Carmel, Napa and San Luis Obispo to name a few. He teaches both privately and at the Davis Art Center. As an instructor, Philippe is appreciated as a thorough, supportive and inspiring mentor.

Investigating the ordinary is the pervasive theme in René Martucci’s work. She enlists accessible images as she looks to define universal experiences and create a vocabulary to express personal meaning and her interest in shared stories. A figurative artist, focusing on people and animals as her subject matter, Martucci seeks to represent thoughts, emotions, simple truths and states of mind. Much like Roy Deforest, Martucci has become well known for her dog imagery. The two were even paired together as the featured artists years back at a Sacramento Sutter Club event called “The Art of the Dog”. Choosing animals closely identified with human society — including cats — led Martucci to a project with renowned artist Judy Chicago. Working closely with Chicago, Martucci rendered cats from Chicago’s drawings in the book “Kitty City”. Chicago china painted the final sculptures in her signature style made famous by her 1974-79 installation “The Dinner Party”.