Don & Marilyn McCorkell, Simon Dvorak, Jon Gariepy, and George Tchbanoglous

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Don & Marilyn McCorkell


Exhibition Dates: November 30 – December 31, 2011

Opening Reception: December 9, 7-9 pm

Location: 521 First St. Davis CA 95616

Contact: Nancy Resler,

Don & Marilyn McCorkell

“For us, art is a fusion of memory, imagination, and exploration. Each work is a journey, often starting with a memory, then being transformed into new visual and tactile adventures.  For this experience, encaustic is the perfect media.  By using layers of wax often painted in a loose free stye along with photography, pastels, and ink, unique images are created–some which are radically abstract, others more conventionally representative–but all representing an experience in light and composition not found in any other media.”  This is how Marilyn and Don McCorkell describe their passion for art.

The McCorkells live in Santa Barbara, California where their home is dominated by their art studio.  Both bring significant life experiences to their art.  They have two children and two grandsons, all of whom live in Santa Barbara.  The McCorkells previously lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma where Marilyn worked as a social worker and attorney and where Don served in the Legislature for 18 years and then built a successful power development business.  After selling their business the McCorkells moved to Santa Barbara to devote their time to art and filmmaking (McCorkell’s first film, “A River of Waste” is distributed through Amazon and ITunes).  They are both adventurous travelers and their experiences are reflected in their work.


Simon Dvorak

Late Check Out, Oil on board, 2011

Simon Dvorak’s realist work depicts the places, artifacts, and history of the American culture and heritage.  Mr. Dvorak is particularly interested in the way the American history of road travel has shaped the landscape as well as the visual remnants of that history. Simon Dvorak studied at U.C. Davis graduating in 2000 from the Art Studio program.  He now lives in Davis, CA with his family.







Jon Gariepy

Jon Gariepy

I have spent many magical hours exploring harbors and quiet old boatyards and am especially moved by aged and battered vessels. There’s a kind of meditative energy emanating from them. I imagine that our human energy is absorbed by the objects we love and spend a lot of time with, and then, as they decay these objects release that energy into the atmosphere — the joy of a fair wind and a sunny day, the love of sailing, the love of making a living on the water. And there’s the sadness at the end of a day for the mortality of all things.


I’m currently absorbed with the preciousness and beauty of our moment to moment experience, and yet, given this, the human propensity for folly. While dealing with concept and personal truth, my aim is to make something unusual and interesting, using the most elementary tools and techniques.