8th Annual Jazz and Beat Festival

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8th Annual Davis Jazz and Beat Festival: The Ultimate Music, Art and Poetry Collaboration

When: Friday, October 16, 2015, 6:30 pm – 10pm (The Jack Kerouac Annual Poetry contest)

Saturday, October 17, 2015 1 pm -10pm Jazz and Beat Festival

Where: John Natsoulas Gallery, 521 First Street, Davis, California

The Beat goes on! Experience an intimate festival filled with poetry readings and painting improvisation set to the rhythm of live jazz. This is a unique opportunity for attendees to experience exclusive performances by well-known jazz musicians, jazz painters, and poets. There will be over 200 musicians and poets performing.

This 8th annual event is the premier collaborative festival in the region. Combining visual art and music, the event will feature jazz musicians and painters simultaneously creating improvisational artworks. Our two live venues will feature the artists working at a rapid pace in a public venue — a unique and exclusive privilege for the audience. Trance Mission is one of the major acts performing Saturday October 17th at 8pm. Trance Mission is a world fusion band with a foundation in jazz that was founded in San Francisco by Beth Custer, Stephen Kent, and Kenneth Newby. The band has produced four albums since the early 1990’s and has played at music festivals all over Europe and North America.

Another headlining performer is poet and songwriter Michael McClure. McClure is considered one of the most important poets of this time. He has collaborated extensively with Ray Manzareck, keyboardist for the Doors, and written songs with Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison. McClure’s contemporaries include Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, and Janis Joplin.


HEADLINER: Trance Mission & Michael McLure

Friday October 16th at John Natsoulas Gallery

6:30pm Linda Bair Dance Company Performance

7:00pm – 9:00pm Announcement of winners of the Jack Kerouac Poetry Contest, featuring live music by Tony Passarell, emcee Dr. Andy Jones

Saturday, October 17th (Outdoor Stage) 

1:00 p.m. Michael Otwell Quartet w/ Jazz Painting by Laura Hohlwein

2:00 pm Booker Long Duo w/ Jazz Painting by Laura Hohlwein

3:00 pm Nagual w/ Jazz Painting by Myron Stephens

4:00 pm Davis High School Jazz band w/ Jazz Painting by Jonqui Albin

5:00 pm Zorelli w/ Jazz Painting by Jonqui Albin

Saturday, October 17th (Indoor Stage)

1:15 p.m. Dank Ocean w/ Eskimo Pie

2:00 pm The Delbert Bump Organ Jazz Trip w/ Laurence Dinkins

3:00 pm Chris Erickson Poetry Reading

3:30pm Tha Dirt Feelin

7:00pm Tony Passarell Trio w/ Michael McClure

8:00pm Trance Mission

Additionally, the Jack Kerouac Annual Poetry contest will offer the winner an opportunity to read their original poetry at the conference. First, second and third place winners of the poetry contest will receive cash prizes. To enter the poetry contest please see the guidelines below. Winners must attend the (free) conference on October 16, 2015 to read and have the opportunity for their work to be published.

Poetry Contest Guidelines

We are looking for poems that reflect upon or honor the spirit of “Beat,” whatever that means to you. Typically, Beat-influenced poems are anti-authoritarian, rhapsodic,

ecstatic, jazzy etc. Send a maximum of three poems, not to exceed six total pages. Entries must be the original work of the contestant. Entries will not be returned.

Please provide a page with your name, phone number, address and email. Submit the information page with your entry to:
Dr. Andy Jones, Poetry Editor
Beat Generation and Beyond Poetry Editor



What others are saying about the Jazz Festival:

“I don’t know of anyone else who is doing this level of interdisciplinary collaboration between the visual, musical and literary arts. It’s the great work.”
-Joyce Jenkins, Poetry Flash

“Those for whom the San Francisco Beat phenomenon is merely the stuff of legend can get a taste of the real thing in an all-day conference sponsored by the John Natsoulas Gallery in Davis.”
-Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle

Press Contact: Nancy Resler art@natsoulas.com 530-756-3938 More information: https://natsoulas.com/