John Natsoulas Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of painter D.A. Bishop. D.A. Bishop is renowned  for his wonderful “roadscapes” and timeless images of old industrial buildings and small houses. His unique series of landscapes will run form May 17th-July 1, 2017.

D. A. Bishop paints the landscape with a deft hand, using abstraction, painterly brushwork, and color contrast to communicate the role of the land in American psychology and identity. Capturing images of rolling hills, towers, gas pumps, water tanks and roadside buildings, he records a landscape imbedded in common memory, a lay of the land shaped and changed by human interaction.

Born in rural Virginia, Bishop has lived in many places along the eastern seaboard before moving to the West Coast. Primarily self taught, he discovered after a brief period at the Atlanta School of Art that life experience was more exciting than a structured art education. Working as a billboard painter, a graphic artist for a theater company, and itinerant limner, he now lives and paints in Sonoma County, California.

John Natsoulas Gallery is located at 521 First Street, Davis, CA.