Chris Liberti’s new body of work has a lot to do with texture, resembling his earlier collage work, as he layers form upon form to build up a painting that gives it a slightly three-dimensional appearance. Painting on wood lends an interesting and additional texture to the work. The exhibition will be at the John Natsoulas Gallery in Davis, CA from May 17-July 1, 2017.  The opening reception will be held Friday, May 19th from 7-9:00 pm.


Liberti’s minimal paintings are geometric, much like a cross between Rothko’s work and formal painting. He has an unusual way of abstracting forms, accenting and shading them with color. He uses the line like Matisse to bring the viewer in from outside the painting. Liberti is an expert in color, having been influenced early by the work of Diebenkorn and Van Gogh. It was their “uninhibited use of color” that drew him and has become important in his own work. His knowledgeable handling of color creates a vibrant environment in all of his work. Many of his paintings are still life’s that give windows onto an outdoor world that is both abstracted but distinctly atmospheric.


Liberti is interested in creating an image that can stand on its own, “orchestrated by limitless variations of compositions and color relationships.” He explores re-ordering reality through real and imagined viewpoints, looking for a sensory response through color relationships and form.


Liberti studied at Buffalo State College with the realist painter Jim Phalen, formerly a student of Bay Area painter, Paul Wonner. Phalen, Liberti says, was his most important mentor.


Liberti was born in Buffalo, New York, and studied Fine Arts/Painting & Urban Planning at Buffalo State College where he earned his BS. He also studied with Alex Kanevsky at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He resides with his wife in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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