Artists in Residence – Online Exhibition

Artists in Residence is a virtual exhibition the John Natsoulas Gallery is holding to support artists during this time of uncertainty. This exhibition shows various artists working in their studios and discussing the process of their most recent artworks or a completed piece. You can support our artists by purchasing these works. Over time, more artists will be added to the exhibition.

During this time, the John Natsoulas Gallery encourages stepping back to the basics – playing music, writing poetry and making art are things we can all do. Although the gallery is currently closed and all events have temporarily halted, we are proud to be supporting our artists and community via a virtual online exhibition.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find available works from the artists.

Arthur Gonzalez

Gábor Király

Richard Whitten

Mark Abildgaard

Kelly Detweiler

Boyd Gavin

Jerry de Camp

Julie Smiley

Dan Snyder

William Maul

Sarah Lam

Laura Hohlwein

Esther Shimazu

James Bland

Michelle Gregor

Pat Mahony

Robert Ransom

Ilaria Rosselli del Turco

Gabriel Sainz

Guston Abright

Philippe Gandiol

Josémanuel Arevalo

Annie Peony Zhang

Amber Aguirre

Costantinos Ptochopoulos