CCACA 2021 dates TBA !

Hosted in Davis, California, this ceramics conference honors UC Davis’ legacy of advancing ceramic art. Entering its 33rd year with over 50 exhibitions, this unique conference allows for viewers to engage with various forms of artwork in a short amount of time. This interactive experience includes not only outstanding artists and exciting exhibitions, but the opportunity to attend insightful lectures as well as informative demonstrations by renowned artists from all over the country.

This years California Ceramic Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Arts brings the ultimate ceramic sculpture event to Davis. During this unique and jam-packed weekend, you can see the world of ceramics in the short distance of five to six blocks.

In an intimate setting, you can interact with top artists and attend insightful lectures and demonstrations in a way not possible at other venues. Enjoy delightful downtown Davis and be inspired by nationally recognized ceramic art talents.

In addition to being the largest ceramics conference in the world, its prestige resides in the artists featured each year. One of the many distinguished artists included in this years conference is Adrian Arleo who is nationally recognized for her imaginative ceramic sculptures. Not only do attendees get the chance to meet Arleo, but they have the opportunity to attend her lecture as well as lectures and demonstrations hosted by sculptors who are breaking barriers in art. The artists at the forefront in sculpture this year include Adrian Arleo, Wanxin Zhang, Arthur Gonzalez, Ah Leon, Kathy Ruttenberg, Yana Payusova and Chris Riccardo. Including a Demonstration led by John Toki and featuring Tom Franco, Martin Rickert & Alan Chin. This educational ceramics conference is unlike any other, and its interactive quality sets it apart from the rest.


9 am – 5 pm: Registration at the John Natsoulas Gallery

10 am – 9 pm: Over 40 student and professional exhibitions will be up throughout downtown Davis.

10 am – 12 pm: Demonstration by Arthur Gonzalez and Wanxin Zhang at the John Natsoulas Gallery

12 pm – 1 pm: Lunch Break

1 pm – 3 pm: Demonstration Adrian Arleo and Chris Riccardo at the John Natsoulas Gallery

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm: Lecture by Yana Payusova

7 pm – 9 pm: Opening reception for over 40 exhibitions throughout downtown Davis.


9am – 5pm: Registration at the John Natsoulas Gallery

Lectures at Regal Cinemas, 101 F St. Davis, CA

10 am: Lecture by Chris Riccardo

11 am: Lecture by Adrian Arleo

12 pm: Lunch Break

1 pm: Lecture by Arthur Gonzalez

2 pm: Lecture by Wanxin Zhang

3 pm: Lecture by Kathy Ruttenberg


10 am – 12 pm: Demo – John Toki Demonstration featuring Tom Franco, Martin Rickert & Alan Chin.

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