To keep art alive during a worldwide quarantine, we have started offering online classes taught by our most popular artists.

2020 has been a year that’s forced everyone to adapt. As conditions worsened and we were forced to shut our doors to the public, the John Natsoulas Gallery wanted to find a way to continue to bring art to the people. Our solution was simple: We wanted to bring your favorite artists to you in an entirely new, more direct way. About every other week, a sculptor sits down in their studio and broadcasts themselves on Zoom talking about their artistic process while doing a demonstration. Audience members that register beforehand to watch live are able to ask questions and observe their favorite artists in real time. This interactive aspect is entirely new to the relationship between artists and their admirers. Never before have people been able to engage in a dialogue or understand artwork more completely than they do now. For those that miss out on seeing the workshops in real time, they can visit our shop and purchase the video download to watch anytime, anywhere.

Tip Toland demonstrating her process in her studio

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Ceramic Classes

Michelle Gregor in studio

Kevin Snipes in studio.

Adrian Arleo in studio

Margaret Keelan in studio