Bay Area Figurative Exhibition

January 15- March 1, 2021

We’re kicking off the new year with a showcase of works from the Bay Area Figurative Movement. This movement, also known as the Bay Area Figurative School, Bay Area Figurative Art, Bay Area Figuration, was a mid-20th Century art movement made up of a group of artists in the San Francisco Bay Area who abandoned working in the prevailing style of Abstract Expressionism in favor of a return to figuration in painting during the 1950s and onward into the 1960s. Our exhibition features works from artists like Theophilus Brown, James Weeks, Kim Frohsin, Manuel Neri, Paul Wonner, and many more.

Kim Frohsin Painting


Pat Mahony

This exhibition includes works by colorist Pat Mahony whose focus remains centered around how to equally convey dramatic impressions and intensity. Mahony’s paintings in this exhibition are the culmination of a career spent exploring the contrast of light and dark; the results are the closest Mahony has come to absolute abstraction—her ultimate goal. Her work, often large-scaled, emphasizes color, composition and drama. Pat Mahony was born in 1951 in Los Angeles, California. In 1973, she graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara. Her work hovers between abstraction and representation; saturated tones and lush abstraction are combined with the goal of creating the perfect balance between dark and light. Mahony’s subject matter ranges from urban scenes, river landscapes, and still life to figures.


Start: October 21st
End: January 1st


“Art Objects”: Palette to Palate

Many artists have a diverse palette to their glazes and highlight a range of visual dioramas through ceramics. Art Objects: Palette to Palate aims to celebrate this through the form of functional tabletop ceramics.

The John Natsoulas Center for the Arts will provide several culinary experiences using works from the exhibition.


Start: December 2nd
End: January 24th