At first glance, Stephen Braun’s unique “rakued” sculptures look as though they were unearthed in an archaeological dig. That is exactly the impression he is able to give by using the raku process. With a background in anthropology and art, a central theme in his work is that humans tell the stories of their lives through what they consume and the waste they leave behind. Braun’s work beautifully depicts the residue of our myopic approach to living in the high tech/industrial age.

Braun’s work, which focused primarily on social and environmental connections, as well as political ideas, has changed from personal expression to his concerns for the future of human society and the well being of the planet and its many remarkable permutations of life. He looks at his current art as conceptual art, deriving its strength from “ideas.”

Stephen Braun received his BA in anthropology from the University of Montana, Missoula, where he also studied ceramics under Rudy Autio, Ken Little, and Dennis Voss.