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Sean Henry

Sean Henry (born in England, 1965) graduated in ceramic sculpture in Bristol in 1987 and had his first exhibition in London in 1988. His nearly (but never quite) life-size sculptures of human beings are more mundane than monumental. They’re expressive but expressionless, individuated yet general. They engage in activities no more strenuous or distinctive than walking or sleeping, thereby passively playing out the latest act in the drama of postwar art. Meanwhile, they invite – and even beg – myriad comparisons to the work of other artists, present and past. One by one these statues reveal a latent pathos in their faces and stances, and come to define the artist’s distinctive sensibility. Each piece takes on a personality of its own. In the great Western tradition, Henry emphasizes the reality of human emotion. He also clothes his figures in such a way that identifies their social class, drawing viewers into an awareness of their perception of who they are looking at.

Even so, the viewer thinks of seemingly infinite art-historical parallels and influences. Henry’s sculptures are reminiscent of Stephan Balkenhol’s rough-hewn figurines, as well as the waxwork people of Duane Hanson and George Segal’s obdurate ghosts. They also suggest a British sensibility such as that found in the fleshy, painterly realism of Leon Kossoff and Lucian Freud. The list goes on and on. But after a point, one might say, the more influences an artist evinces, the more original he or she actually is.

Henry’s public works include Walking Man in London’s Holland Park (2000), Man With Potential Selves in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (2003) and Walking Woman (2008) editions of which can be found in London, Oslo, Bad Homburg and Colchester, Essex (2017). He completed the UK’s first permanent offshore sculpture Couple in 2007, a critically acclaimed 13m high by 20m wide sculpture located 300 meters off the coast of Northumberland. More recent permanent installations include Standing Man in Stockholm (2010), Lying Man at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Michigan, USA (2011) and Seated Figure a 3 meter high sculpture located in the North York Moors National Park (2017).

Henry was the first sculptor to win the Villiers David Prize in 1998, and has had more than 30 solo shows during his career. His work is regularly exhibited by galleries in London, New York, Stockholm, Bad Homburg, and Brussels, and his sculptures can now be found in public collections in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, USA and elsewhere. Career highlights include Conflux – a solo exhibition of 22 figures held in 2011 at Salisbury Cathedral, Wilthsire which was seen by more than 100,000 people during its four month run. In 2015 he was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery in London to create a painted bronze sculpture of Sir Tim Berners Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web. Two books on Sean Henry’s work have been published by Scala Publishers, both written by Tom Flynn, the London-based art historian. He has been represented by the Osborne Samuel Gallery in London since 1999.

Frank, Peter. ARTNEWS Sean Henry Forum Los Angeles September, 2002.

Sean Henry Artwork



2020 “Last Man Standing” Osborne Samuel, 23 Dering Street, Mayfair, London W1

2019 Sean Henry Sculpture/Drawings, Galleri Andersson Sandstrom, Stockholm, Sweden

2017 Face to Face: The Figurative Art of Sean Henry, The Lightbox Museum & Gallery, Woking UK

2016 Time Being: Osborne Samuel Gallery, Mayfair, London

Das Geprüfte Leben / The Examined Life: Kulturzentrum Englische Kirche, Bad Homburg, Germany

Das Geprüfte Leben / The Examined Life: Galerie Scheffel, Bad Homburg, Germany

Here and Now: LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects, Brussels, Belgium

2015 Sean Henry: Forum Gallery, New York, US

Hessenpark Museum, Bliackachsen 10, Nue-Anspach, Germany

Saalburg Museum, Blickachsen 10, Bad Homburg, Germany

2014 Sean Henry, Galerie Andersson Sandstrom, Stockholm, Sweden

Sleeper: LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects, Brussels, Belgium

2013 Sean Henry: Glyndebourne Opera House, Sussex, England

2012 The Way It Is: Osborne Samuel Gallery, London

2011 Conflux: A Union of the Sacred and the Anonymous, Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, UK

2010 Sean Henry Sculpture, Forum Gallery, New York, US

Sean Henry Sculpture, Galleri Andersson Sandström, Stockholm, Sweden

2008 New Sculpture and Drawing, Osborne Samuel Gallery, Mayfair, London

2007 Presence: Galleri Andersson Sandström, Umea, Sweden

Presence: Galerie Von Braunbehrens, Munich, Germany

2006 You’re Not The Same, Forum Gallery, New York and Los Angeles

Sean Henry: Sculpture, Cartwright Hall, Bradford, UK

2005 Sculpture and Drawings, Kunsthandel Frans Jacobs, Amsterdam, Holland

2004 Sculpture in the Workplace, Canary Wharf, London

Sculpture at Goodwood, Sussex

Here and Now, Berkeley Square Gallery, London

2003 Lower Grainger Street, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

2002 Sculpture & Drawings, Forum Gallery, New York and Los Angeles

2001 Sculpture & Drawings, Berkeley Square Gallery, London

1999 A Pilgrimage, Davies & Tooth, London , UK (Villiers David Prize Exhibition)

1998 The Centre of the Universe Circolo Degli Artisti, Faenza, Italy.

1997 Up Against it Air Gallery, London.

1995 New Sculpture and Drawings John Natsoulas Gallery, California, USA.

1994 The Flip-side of Dominic Hyde Holdsworth Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

1988 Inner Visions 2,Michaelson & Orient Gallery, London.


2019 BODY + Soul, Canary Wharf, London, August 25th – October 7th

2018 Revelation of the Head: Messums Gallery, Wiltshire, UK

Gallery Artists, Osborne Samuel Gallery, Mayfair, London

2017 Viva Scultura Viva! Galleri Andersson Sandström, Stockholm, Sweden

(Three person show with Maria Miesenberger and Jaume Plensa)

2016 Human: Messums Gallery, Wiltshire, UK

Visionary Artists of the 21st Century, Forum Gallery, New York

15/140: Galleri Andersson Sandström, Umea, Sweden

2015 In Kleinen Format, Galerie Scheffel, Bad Homburg, Germany

2014 Committed to Paper: Master Drawings and Prints by Sculptors, Frederik Meijer Sculpture Park, USA

Ladies First: Galerie Von Braunbehrens, Munich, Germany

2013 In Kleinen Format, Galerie Scheffel, Bad Homburg, Germany

Heavy Metal and Stones, Galleri Andersson Sandström, Umea, Sweden

BLICKACHSEN 9, Galerie Scheffel, Bad Homburg, Germany

Summer Salon Show, Rarity Gallery, Mykonos, Greece

2012 Presence, LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects, Brussels, Belgium

Interesting Times, University of Leicester, Harold Martin Botanic Garden, Leicester, UK

2010 Eigse 30 Year Visual Arts Retrospective, Carlow Town, Ireland

Liminality, Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, UK

Summer Exhibition, Osborne Samuel Gallery, Mayfair, London

Modern Paintings, Drawing and Sculpture, Forum Gallery, New York, US

2009 British Sculpture, Osborne Samuel Gallery, London

2008 Internationella Skulpturfestival, Boras, Sweden

2007 Gates of Multiplicity, Regent’s Park, London, England

2006 Galleri  Andersson Sandström, Umea, Sweden

Umedalen Skulpturepark, Umea, Sweden

2005 Golden Square, London

Sculpture, Soloman Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

Eigse Festival, Carlow Ireland

2004 Canary Wharf, London

Le Meridien Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, London

Durham Sculpture Show

2002 Paddington Central Development. London

River and Rowing Museum, Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire

‘Thinking Big’ Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice (Sept 2002- Feb 2003)

‘About Face’, Croydon Clocktower Museum, UK (Oct 2002 – Jan 2003)

2001 Salon de Mars, Geneva, Switzerland (Berkeley Square Gallery)

2000 Classicismi Metropolitani, Rome, Italy Art Miami Florida, USA (with Berkeley Square Gallery)

1999 Artists of Fame and Promise Beaux Arts, Bath, UK.

Group Show Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, USA.


Arizona State University Museum, Arizona, USA

Borås University, Borås, Sweden

Bad Homburg City Collection, Germany

Cass Sculpture Foundation, Goodwood, England

Colchester City Collection, Essex, England

David Ross Foundation, Leicestershire, England

De Montford University, Leicester, England

Eschborn City Collection, Germany

Holland Park, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, London, England

ING Bank, Amsterdam, Holland

Le Meridien Cumberland Hotel, London, England

National Portrait Gallery, London, England

Newcastle City Collection, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England

Paddington Central, London, England

River and Rowing Museum, Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire, England

Royal British Legion, Pall Mall, London, England

Scheringa Museum of Realist Art, Spanbroekerweg, Holland

Seven Bridges Collection, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

Standard Chartered Bank, London, England

Stockholm City Collection, Stockholm, Sweden

Tower Records Collection, Sacremento, California, USA

The Hills, Queenstown, New Zealand

Umea City Collection, Umea, Sweden

University of Virginia Art Museum, Charlottesville, VA, USA

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