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Irene Cuadrado

Irene Cuadrado graduated from the University of Madrid with a Bachelors of Fine Art in 2006. After graduating, Cuadrado went on to exhibit works in distinguished museums such as the National Wetland Museum of China in Xixishidi, Hangzhou and the Institute of France in Spain. Her work involves intimate portraits of loved ones, such as infants and her mother sleeping in a trance-like state. Her subjects rarely face the viewer; if not sleeping, they are often lost in thought, further fortifying the reoccurring theme of intimacy and the subconscious in Cuadrado’s work. Her work embodies a unique perspective and mixture of impressionism and portraiture.

Cuadrado has won various national painting contests in Madrid and received honorable mentions in live painting contests such as the Fiesta del Olivo and Rafael Botí Torrelodones. 

Irene Cuadrado Artwork

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