Jennifer Pochinski

Jennifer Pochinski is considered one of the most promising painters to come out of Northern California in years. She has an incredible ability to express herself in the Bay Area figurative tradition, including landscapes, still lifes, and the figure, and take it a step further. As a member of the Davis Mural Team, she is familiar with painting in a large scale similar to her contemporaries: Guy Diehl, Kelly Detweiler, Bill Maul, and Myron Stephens.

Jennifer moved from Greece to Sacramento in December of 2010. The move has been a wealth of inspiration opening up limitless new subject matter and sense of freedom. This freedom has fueled her desire to paint and to grow as a painter.

“Back in school, I knew I belonged in the painterly category; yet I dabbled in strange juxtapositions of textures and stylistic periods of art. One of my teachers pointed out that perhaps I was really only interested ‘in the mark.’ From then on, my pursuit was to get to a point inside myself where that ‘mark’ that my teacher was referring to, was at its most profound. The act of painting became sort of a personal live performance. I try not to over explain my subject; I’m aiming for capturing its essence. I don’t want it to be a painting of the subject matter. I want it to be that subject.”